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 Welcome to UV Physics

UV Physics Academy is one of the best training Academy for CSIR (NET) and GATE, JEST and TIFR in Physics. Every year, Academy is producing the best results in CSIR and GATE and JEST Entrance Exams. No.1 Academy for CSIR(NET) Physics.



We are always trying to give the best result. Many students are currently persuing their PhD. in various prestigious Institutes of INDIA. and some have already completed and settled in teaching profession. We are proud to say that our UVIONS are finding successful path in their lives and serving the country by sharing their knowledge.


 Director’s Message

This Academy founder is R. Nageswara rao (IIT Roorkee),got inspired by his beloved professor, and dedicated in teaching and having hard working nature.

"If you Respect Your Work, It will take you to the Respectable Position"

R. Nageswara Rao (IITRoorkee)
UV Physics Academy

UV Physics Academy


Latest News

Offline Classes for DEC CSIR are announced

The Regular Classes for DEC CSIR Starts on 24th June,2021. Time: 4:30pm to 8:30pm

Apply for DEC CSIR UV Classes. Register your name and Confirm Your Admission by Paying Rs 1000/-.

The Regular Classes Starts on 24th JUNE,2021. Time: 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Online centres are available in CALICUT and PUNE

Synonym For Quality Teaching

"UV Physics" has left no stones unturned in imparting quality education to students with perfect blend of experienced, dynamic faculty along with motivated students making it win-win situation for all. The emphasis is laid on mind-power and skill -set development so that our students are trained to use their resources optimally and emerge victorious not only in the examination but in every challenge of life.

Intensive Class Room Programe

The Claas Room Programe of UV Physics provides an in-depth coverage of Syllabus of CSIR, GATE, JEST and TIFR Physics Examinations with a major focus on sharpening the problem-solving skills. The desing, development and delivery of the programs offered at UV Physics incorporate the best teaching practices.

Regular Assessment of Performance

UV Physics ensures the regualr assessment of performance by providing assignment and conducting tests on regualr basis. The Test Series of the UV Physics conducted at all India Level is the best in the Industry and tailored as per the competitive exam requirement which helps the students to get the real-time experience of the exam atmosphere and assess their performance.

UV Physics Academy

We are pleased to Welcome you and you will be Jioning a place where Scholars in Physics are not Admitted but Made.