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Girls Hostel

Girls Hostel

Academy provides Hostel Accommodation for the non local Students.
Non local Girl students must stay in the Hostel.

Admission is not given to the students who are staying in the Outside Girls Hostels.

Non Local Girl Students are not allowed to stay in the relatives House.

If they want to get Day Scholar Admission, Parents must stay with the students.

Married Girls: Non local Married Girls can stay out side the Hostel Campus with their Family members.

Local Students: Local students will get the admission, if the parents are staying with them.

Rules& Regulations

Rules: Students are requested to follow the rules and co operate with the Management.

Usage of Mobile Phones in the night after 11pm is not allowed in the Hostel

  • Every Day there will be 1hr:30min to go out for shopping. D-Mart and More Market places are near to the Academy. While they are going out, students must enter their name in the Register and should sign after coming back the the Hostel 

  • Students Must take the permission to go to the places far away from the Academy(Going by AUTO/BUS/CAB)

  • Outside Food Parcels are not allowed into the HOSTEL. Nonveg Food is not available in the Mess. If you want to take Nonveg, you may go to near by Hotels by informing the Management permission.

  • If parents came, students can go out and stay with them. Students are allowed to go to realtive's house Relatives must come to the Academy and take the student (Not Allowed to go alone)

  • Studetns are requested to maintain neatness in the hostel and should not break/spoil any things given to them.

  • Students are not allowed to take the tea at Road side Tea stalls. In the Hostel there is Tea canteen.

Required Things

Things to Bring: Students are rquested to bring the following things

  • Cots and Beds will be provided by the Hostel Management. You have to bring your bedsheets and pillow


  • Students are requested to bring their lunch plate and glass.(you can buy those things here also)

  • Students are requested, not to bring valuable things/ Gold ornaments.

Selection Of Room

  • Room: Students are allowed to choose any room Which are vacant at the time of admission 

  • Change of Room: Once Room is chosen by the student, it is not possible to change

  • Room mates: Four Students will be acommadated in a room. Student is free to choose her Room mates, Management will not interfere in your choice.

  • Change of Room: Once Room is chosen by the student, it is not possible to change the room.If any other student also wnats to change the room, Interchange of the room is possible.

Hostel Fee

Hostel Fee


II Instalment

Rs 25,000/-

Rs 15,000/-

Rs 10,000/-

  • This fee includes Food (3 times) 

  • One month duration for instalment

Once Fee paid, it is not possible to refund for any reason.

3 or 4 students sharing rooms are available.

  • HOSTEL: Academy provides Hostel Accommodation for the non local Students.

    Non local students are requested to stay in the Hostel 

  • Day Scholars: Day Scholar Addmissions for Non Local will be given after the Hostel seats are filled.

    Boys who are staying in the outside Hostels are eligible to get the Admission.

  • Outside: Outside students/ Friends are not allowed to stay in the student's without Management Permission.

  • Parents Visit: If student's parents came to visit, student must take the permission for them to stay in the room.

  • Outside Food : Parcels from outside is strictly prohibited

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